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Author Topic: How To Look Romantic  (Read 11838 times)

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How To Look Romantic
« on: June 10, 2019, 06:36:53 AM »

Go through your list of celebrities quickly in your mind. Tell me who out of them looks most romantic to you? Who do you think will take your breath away if you are asked to meet them? The looks, the walk, the talk, the body language, and the charisma these make a person romantic. Who do you think will score in all these departments and leave you mesmerized?

You must have seen many movies. You must have seen many movies with special effects. What are these effects for and why are they called special? The special effects are used to create an atmosphere that may look great. You have to do the same to look romantic. Create special effects around you so that the overall effect is smashing.

I pointed out some qualities earlier - the looks, the walk, the talk, the body language, and the charisma. Assess yourself for all of these. Consult experts if required. For charisma, watch some video shots of charismatic people. Observe carefully. Watch the way these people speak, make hand movements, and change eye and facial expressions. This study will be of help to you in changing yourself totally. Practice in front of the mirror. Add special effects to your personality. Let it look artificial to begin with. Slowly they will all look and become genuine.

It is not easy to look romantic, but given proper changes, you can change to one of the most romantic persons walking on the earth. Do you not believe me? Try what I said about special effects and watch the results.