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Author Topic: Introduction to Heart Disease  (Read 6831 times)

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Introduction to Heart Disease
« on: November 19, 2018, 06:08:08 AM »

Heart disease is a term that applies to a large number of medical conditions relating to the heart. These medical conditions relate to the abnormal health conditions that directly affect the heart and all its components. Heart disease is a major health problem within some cultures.
One theory for heart disease is the radical changes within our lifestyles. People are often less active and eat diets high in fats. Takeaway food is abundant today and often people will eat it due to the increased availability. Some takeaway outlets are now helping cater to a healthier lifestyle by offering a variety of healthy dishes such as salads. People are becoming more aware of the risk of heart disease and choosing to change their diets.
Exercise is extremely important in order to avoid heart disease. Exercise helps to keep the heart in peak performance. By using a combination of exercise and a balanced diet, the risk of heart disease is greatly decreased.

The term Cardiovascular Disease covers a large number of diseases that directly affect the heart and the blood vessel system. It especially affects the veins and arteries that lead to and from the heart. Research has suggested that women who suffer with cardiovascular disease usually suffer from forms that affect the blood vessels. While men usually suffer from forms that affect the heart muscle itself. Other known or associated causes of cardiovascular disease include diabetes mellitus, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia.
Heart disease and strokes are other common cardiovascular diseases. Two independent risk factors that have a major impact for heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, are high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Now day’s heart disease does not have to be a death sentence. There are healthy lifestyle choices that can be made and science has come a long way in the early detection of heart disease.


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