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Author Topic: Exercises Danger on the Last Stage of Cellulite  (Read 6401 times)

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Exercises Danger on the Last Stage of Cellulite
« on: December 11, 2020, 02:30:59 PM »

Today the complex at-home cellulite treatment commonly includes cellulite reducing exercises, dietary changes and cellulite remedies like creams and lotions. Why exercises? Muscles activity during exercises brings venous blood from the lower extremities back to heart. It is very important for normal blood circulation, water exchange and toxins deriving from the organism. Human body to 60 % consists of water. The liquid exchange between the blood and the cells can comprise to 4000 liters day-long. If the normal circulation is retarded, the accumulation of intercellular lymph in the cloths occurs. In those places where the lymphatic liquid speed is too small developments of stagnation provoke the cellulite formation.

Especially if woman already has the cellulite at last stage any exercises are not helping as many people think and may be dangerous! Liquid exchanging mechanism is not sufficient even in the complete rest however any exercise demands on intensified oxygen entering to muscles. Therefore at the intense of metabolic products formation these slag are not excreted from tissues and it causes the further intoxication. The lactic acid and other acid products helping on the conservation of liquid in tissues are accumulates when the muscles making an effort. Tissues swell as a result and that aggravates the cellulite.


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