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Author Topic: 24 TIPS FOR THE SAFETY OF KIDS - What we should not do  (Read 3498 times)

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24 TIPS FOR THE SAFETY OF KIDS - What we should not do
« on: November 07, 2018, 12:21:52 AM »

1, Never shake the baby, it can cause damage to the brain.

2,Don't keep any small articles near the baby .   

3,Sharp pointed articles like pen, pencil, ect should not be given to kids.

4,Avoid entry of water in to the ear while giving a bath.

5,Food should not be given forcibly when the baby is crying or coughing continuously.

6,Should not overfeed the baby.

7,Articles like mosquito repellents ,moth balls,ink,gum,medicines,ect should be kept away.

8,Avoid tight cloathings.

9,Should not be placed near the edge of the bed.

10,Should not give the baby to strangers and avoid close contact with others.

11,All electrical instruments should be kept away,and bed should not be arranged near electrical sockets and wires.

12,Kitchen is a dangerous place for children.Don't keep them alone in the kitchen.

13,Water level in the bath tub should be minimum and don't go for any other works(to attent phone call or calling bell ect) when the  baby is in the tub. 

14,Avoid smoking inside the house.

15,Should not allow pet animals to be in very close contact with the kids.(anti rabies injections should be given to pets and cut their nails properly)

16,When the child starts walking should not be kept alone on the upstairs and should not allow them to climb the steps.

17,Strong light should be avoided in the room. 

18,When you are travelling don't give the food articles given by co passengers.

19,Baby should not be allowed to crawl on the soil.

20,If you are sick or someone else is sick be away from the kids.

21,Dont take the baby to hospital wards,crowded market places and polluted dusty areas.

22,Table lamp should not be kept near the kids,this will attract insects at night and cause problems.

23,Others medicine should not be given to the children. 

24,Medicine which has crossed the expiery date should not be used.



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