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Author Topic: 4 Tips for Lighting a Cigar  (Read 7373 times)

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4 Tips for Lighting a Cigar
« on: October 31, 2018, 01:01:11 PM »

For new smokers, lighting a cigar can seem as daunting as learning to choose a good single.  Here are four tips to guide you in lighting a cigar for the first time.

1.  Use cedar matches, if possible.  If you prefer to use a lighter, make sure it's butane lighter to avoid strong odors. 

2.  Warm the open end of the cigar (aka 'the foot' of the cigar) slowly over the flame, without touching it to the fire.  Let a black ring form around the end.

3.  Place the cigar in your mouth and draw in slowly.  Hold the cigar over the flame, about half an inch above it, again without touching.  Continue to draw in until the cigar draws the flame.   Turn the cigar slowly, spinning it to establish an even burn.

4.  Once your cigar is lit, take it out of your mouth and observe the burn you have established.  If the burn appears to be uneven, simply blow on the unlit sections to draw the burn, and then take one or two draws from the cigar to reestablish an even burn. 


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