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Author Topic: Reasons For Obesity  (Read 8442 times)

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Reasons For Obesity
« on: October 29, 2018, 03:45:01 PM »

People are probably fat because they eat too much. That is, you eat too much for your particular body, your particular mechanism. It might not be too much for some people. But it's too much for you. And it undoubtedly is not your glands. And it probably isn't your salt-and-water retention. It's food! Food makes fat! Heard that before?

 You'll hear it again. If you're writing down what you eat each night, you ought to have about a week's record, now. I hope so, at any rate. Before too long a time, you'll be able to prove to yourself exactly how much too much you're eating—and what foods are fattening for you. And then you'll know what to eat, and what not to eat.
Now, you've another problem. It's to decide why you overeat. When you've found that out, you've solved one of the greatest problems of obesity. It's quite possible that you've never found out the reason. Nor considered the reason important. Once you've found it out—and faced it—you'll be able to solve your own special obesity problem with no trouble at all. You may even enjoy getting thin! That may sound difficult—impossible—to you, but it isn't. I wish you'd see the people who have changed, practically overnight, because their viewpoints have changed. Literally, they've been able to think themselves thin.

There are many reasons for overeating. I won't be able to take up all of them, but I'll touch on the most important reasons. I think—and hope—I'll find the one that is pertinent to your particular case. If I don't, you may be able to discover it by yourself. But if I do find ‘out why you are fat, please accept it. Don't shy away from it and say, “Oh, that doesn't suit me at all!” The sooner you find the facts that fit you, the sooner you'll be able to think yourself thin. Face it! There's a reason why you overeat. Once you discover the reason, it will be far easier for you to stop pigging.

It's a fault, like biting your fingernails, only far harder on your figure and your health. It will be difficult for you to break the habit of overeating. But once you face the reasons, the habit will be far more easily conquered. Dieting without knowing the reasons back of it is too much like trying to wear a suit or a dress that is made for someone else. It may be a fine garment, but if it isn't made for you, what good is it for you? You might have to force yourself to accept it because you haven't anything better. But now, you'll have something better.

Your own personal reason for being your better self.
You needn't tell anyone of your findings. If you like, it can be your own secret. I can't possibly know! No one else will know—unless you tell. Tell—if you like.
That's up to you. But accept it for yourself. So, here we go!

The reason you're fat may be something that happened before you were born! So you can't be blamed for it. But, knowing the reason, you can correct the fault.
First, you may have inherited a tendency for fat. Not that you inherited the fat itself. But if all of your family was fat, especially your mother's family, you may well have inherited a fat tendency. Another thing—if your mother and your mother's family was fat, that usually means that they “lived well.” The table was always set with the delicacies of the season, and there was an abundance of everything. So you ate a great deal when you were young—were encouraged to eat. And two things happened. You gained a liking for good food, and you gained the habit of eating a great deal.
Families that “set a good table” always encourage the children to eat a great deal. To those families, healthy children are fat children.


Inheriting Eating Habits That Cause Obesity

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