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Author Topic: How to get rid of your allergies using all natural herbal remedies  (Read 8610 times)

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Have you ever wondered why allergies  occurs ?

Allergies are caused when the body over reacts to certain substances like pollen, ragweed, animal dander, certain foods, like nuts, eggs, milk, chocolate.  Substances which cause allergies are called allergens.

When the bodyís immune system identifies these foreign invaders, it sends out antibodies to get rid of them.

 Usually, the amount of antibodies sent out is proportional to the amount of allergen. Allergies occur when the body over reacts and sends too many antibodies, which attack the allergen and the bodyís own tissue.

This causes the symptoms of allergies, hay fever, itchy skin, they can be light and very annoying , runny nose itchy eyes, or serious, like asthma .

Sometimes allergies are inherited. They can run in the family. Also, if  a mother does not have enough nutrition from fresh foods available to her during pregnancy, or if she is stressed and does not eat healthy food during pregnancy, the baby may be more susceptible to allergies.

Stress has been proven to be a  major cause of allergies. This is the reason I believe, that alot of people begin getting allergies in their late 20's and early 30's. Stress weakens a person's immune system, and causes over reaction to allergens. 
A long time ago, there was no hay fever but since the advent of junk foods and instant food ( frozen foods), hay fever has become rampant. If your hay fever is not inherited , then it could be from the foods you are eating.
How to cure allergies  ?

The best way to get rid of allergies is to find out which allergens are causing your allergy and then avoid them.
Of course, this is not always possible.

The medications that are usually recommended have many side effects , sometimes serious, and they donít address the underlying cause of the allergy.

Same thing goes for allergy shots. They may work for one season, but not for the next.
Fortunately, there are better natural remedies. They go to the underlying root of the problem, and balance the body so that it does not over react to allergens.

Here are some of the natural remedies which are good for allergies.

Nettles, Marshmallow, Acerola Cherry, Cayenne, Ginger.

* Nettles is a longtime favorite of herbalists. is  is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and chlorophyll.

* Marshmallow is soothing to all parts of the body it comes in contact with, and contains large amounts of vitamin A, calcium, zinc and also contains some iron, sodium, iodine, and B-complex.
* Acerola Cherry is excellent as an anti-histamine and has one of natureís highest natural content of Vitamin C.

* Cayenne contains quercitin, a natural antihistamine, which helps those with allergies and breathing problems.

* Ginger is a good pain reliever and fights asthma .  Also when you can't quit coughing, good to  drink hot ginger tea or hot water with ginger and honey in it because ginger stimulates circulation and helps clear your sinuses and lungs of mucus.

For foods,

Eat a balanced diet of fresh  foods, red, green, black, yellow, orange color foods every day.  In asia, it is believed that if you eat 30 kinds of foods a day can keep you healthy.

Here are the foods recommended for your allergies and health,

Leeks, green onions, Daikon, dark green leaves, Raddish, beans, seaweeds, potatoes, sweet potatos. 

* Potatos have alot of Vitamin C and calcium .
* Leeks and green onions soup is excellent for allergies and cold and flu.
* Daikon (asian raddish)  is a kind of Asian raddish that  is  really good for itchy skin
* Sweet potatoes are great to avoid colds.
* Beans  have alot of Vitamin E .

The easiest way to get a lot of nutrition is eat vegetable soup with many vegetables in it every day.

Foods and drinks to avoid

Junk  foods  , instant foods ( frozen foods ) , soda, alcohol

The  remedies above are good for allergies and keep your body healthy and it will usually take a while to get the effect. 


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